Groovea(GROO-VEE-AH) was dreamt up in California for Magical people like you! We are inspired by Classic Illustration, Fairy Tales, Mystical Daydreams and Groovy Color Harmonies. By bringing art and color into everyday objects, we hope to inspire others to be creative and express their individuality!  
The self proclaimed modern manifestation of “Groovy”, Groovea is bringing groovy back! Basically we want to surround you with cool things that make you happy. Our environment and the things we cherish can have a huge impact on how we feel and we want you to feel your best!
In the future, as we grow, our goal is to be a place that employs artists and provides support to anyone that identifies as a woman and the LGBTQ+ community. Our ultimate goal is to create a foundation that will one day give entrepreneurial funds to other creatives that need help launching their businesses so they can continue to pay it forward.

With all our Love,

Sarah Myers(She/Her) - Founder